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Plan of Service Survey

March 27 2024

Help Shape the Future of Your Library!

The Cold Lake Public Library is crafting a new three-year Strategic Plan, and we want to hear from you! Your input is crucial in ensuring our services meet the evolving needs of both you and the wider community.

More than Books: Your Community Hub

The library is your “go to” for free and equal access to information and ideas. We empower you to read, learn, create, and connect. Imagine a welcoming space where everyone can access technology, resources, and opportunities to:

· Fuel your curiosity - Discover new skills, explore different interests, and unlock your potential.

· Empower your future - Launch a business, find a job, or access resources for lifelong learning.

· Connect with your community - Share ideas, participate in events, and build stronger connections.

Your Voice Matters

With your valuable input, we will continue to innovate and adapt. Together, we can ensure the Cold Lake Public Library remains a vibrant hub, addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our city.

Have your say here:

When you are finished the survey, please bring it to either branch of the library or save a copy and email it to


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