Covid 19 Update

The library branches will be restricted to 1/3 fire capacity, two metre social distancing, and the wearing of face masks. Proof of exemption is required for those who refuse to wear a mask or face shield. In person programs has been put on hold until further notice. Curbside pick-up is available for those who prefer to have their items brought outside to them in the parking lot.

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Reading Logs to Print

How It Works

1. Use the paper logs available at the library (or below) to keep track of your child's reading progress. You may start at any time.

2. After each 100 book milestone, visit the library to receive a reward.

3. When your child reaches 1000 books read, stop in at the library to get a diploma and a reward. Your child may also pose for a picture with the 1000 book milestone sign.



1. How do we read 1000 books before kindergarten?

It's easy!

1 book per day for 3 years=1095

10 books per week for 2 years=1040

3 books per day for 1 year=1095

2. Do we have to read only books from the library?

No. No matter where you get them or how many times you read them, all books count.

3. I have more than one child I read to. Can I count the same titles for each child?

Yes, of course!