Covid 19 Update

The Cold Lake Public Library will be closed to the public beginning at midnight tonight (April 6, 2021). While we are closed, curbside pick-ups can be arranged at either branch with a phone call: (780) 594-5101 for the South Branch and (780) 639-3967 for the North Branch. The book drops will remain open for returns.

Staff Directory

Director: Leslie Price

Assistant Director: Tanya Boudreau

Interlibrary Loan Department: Heather Leeb, Gayle Harmon

Seniors' Programming: Joanne Price

Administrative Assistant: Cynthia Potter

Public Services Assistant: Louise Sirant

Circulation Staff North Branch: Charlene McKay, Tracy KJenner, Cecilia Wingerter

Circulation Staff South Branch: Stefanie Reyes, Judith Brotzel

Volunteers: Marie Manning