Winter Book Bingo Challenge

All ages can enter this challenge. There will be one for every season! Have your lines complete by March 20, 2021 to be eligible to win. Send pictures of your sheet to or return your sheet in the book-drop and we will ensure your ballots are entered in the draw.

Winter Book Bingo Challenge

ALL Ages Monthly Colouring Contest

Everyone can enter the ALL ages monthly colouring contests. Colouring sheets can be pick-up at either branch through curbside pick-up, or printed from the links below. Completed sheets can be returned in the book drop at either branch before the date stated on the sheet (always the end of the month) for a chance to win a prize. Please include a name and contact information on the back of every entry.

March Colouring Sheet


LEGO Contests

Every month we will be giving away a new LEGO set. Have fun and good luck!

March LEGO Contest

The second LEGO kit up for grabs in associated with winter. To be entered in the ALL AGES contest, build (i.e. with LEGO, DUPLO, Lincoln Logs, or other building materials) draw, or write something that is associated with winter and fill in the form below or drop the drawing or writing off in the book drops. Deadline is March 31, 2021.


Please attach a picture of your LEGO contest entry.

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