Job Posting

Job Posting

Posted on Wednesday June 26, 2019 at 01:45PM

Janitor/Hourly/Part Time/Continuing
Start Date: July 23, 2019
Hours of Work: Fourteen hours on average per week, for 50 weeks per year.
Main Areas of Responsibility
Ensuring the staff and patrons are provided with a clean environment.
Notifying the supervisor when in need of cleaning supplies or the repair of equipment. The library will be responsible for supplying cleaning supplies and equipment.
Completing a biweekly time sheet to track tasks completed.
Ensuring basic and extra cleanings are completed at both branches of the library.
Basic cleaning, twice a week, of offices and program rooms.
Basic Cleaning: cleaning and upkeep of the bathrooms, vacuuming the carpets and floors, dusting counter tops, polishing tables, washing floors, wiping finger prints off walls and emptying garbage cans.
Extra cleaning: defined as cleaning activities that exceed basic cleaning including but not limited to shampooing of carpets once a year, cleaning the windows inside and outside twice a year, cleaning emergencies, and stripping and polishing the floor.
Knowledge and Abilities
Experience in janitorial duties such he/she will not expect on the job training for duties described above.
Working Conditions
The physical demands will include walking, bending, lifting, and the occasion use of a ladder.
The cleaning supplies provided by the library are of the least hazardous quality available.
Apply To:
Police security check must be provided with the resume.
Deadline for applications is July 11, 2019
Email resumes to: or drop off your resume and police security check at either branch of the Cold Lake Public Library.

Author: Cold Lake Public Library


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